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About Me

I did not always live in the US. In fact, I was not born in the US either. I was actually born in a third world country in South America. My parents were successful low-end upper class citizens in their homeland. It’s hard to describe a world where there is no middle class, but this is the case in not just my country of origin. You are either wealthy, very wealthy or are poor and live life daydreaming and envious of the other end of the stick.

Because of this structure, eventually the economy went down and crime rose up. A large number of poor, having nothing to lose, took to a life of stealing, mugging and armed robbery from the wealthy. People who couldnt afford land or a house, found vast areas of open space and literally put up wood walls until they could get brick legally or illegally and build a house on unclaimed land. This happened in the hundreds, people would take say 10 acres of land and build house next to house. Better said, they we not house, more of cublicles, each wall served as another wall to the next lot making this grid composed of a large room where they had their beds, little gas tank fueled stove, ect. Most people used the river or any water source nearby (well, stream, etc) to wash their clothes, and put funds together from the community to buy a water pump and made a public shower to keep clean. Theft amongst them also existed but I am unaware of the numbers as I was very young and not interested in statistics or anything outside of my shielded life my parents provided. It got to a point where my father had metal bars installed in all windows and a reinforced door or a metal door to prevent people from possibly breaking in. They decided to move to the US and bring us here where theft and crime were not an issue to such levels.

So I ended up here in the US without a say and had to assimilate the culture and language. I came when I was 8~9 yeard old, I am now 29 (as of Aug 2009), so I have lived in the US around 19 years, I did go back and studied my freshman year of high school there, but having US topics, history, language skills, etc in my head, I found it difficult to do well since I had not learned the full history and proper gramatical skills everyone else has accumulated since 1st grade.

I lived an interesing life to say the least finding my place only after meeting my wife.

My fascination with computers began when I got my first COMPAQ in 1996. I spent days logged on AOL on my 28.8 modem and I learned that computers were going to play an important role in my life.

As of August 2009 I have been married for over 8 years and have 3 of the most extraordinary little people in my life. My 2 boys and my little girl. There is absolutely nothing I would change if I could do it again, There are times where I say to myself if only I had payed more attention to my schoolwork and not made so many wrong turns in life, but then I might not be here where I am today with my wife and kids. People always said that if it is destiny we would have eventually crossed paths, but that is too much a risk for me to take and wish things were different then how they are today.

That’s it in a nutshell.

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