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Downgrading iOmega ix2-200 drives challenges (part 2)

Posted in Uncategorized by alfredomarchena on January 6, 2015

this is a part 2 of my last post “Downgrading iOmega ix2-200 drives challenges” and resumes from that


so after all my iscsi data was copied over to my machine, i  decided to plug the drive back in and do an offline scan…


eventually that failed, so there is no repairing the drive.

on bay 1 i inserted a new 1tb SATA drive and left the existing 2tb SATA drive in there. i tried to rebuild the array but of course the smaller drive is smaller and it was not possible.

however i was determined to do this so what i did was SSH into the NAS using WinSCP and copied the ISCSI files to my computer (just in case).

what i did after i had a copied the files was stop the SCSI service.


from then i broke the RAID array – this told me it needs to delete existing data to change drive configuration which is what i expected (on the below picture you can sort of see the different drive sizes behind the message box)

breaking raid

eventually this completes and i have no data on a non RAID drive. then i powered off the NAS and proceeded to remove the existing 2tb drive to replace with a new 1tb drive (so both drives will be new and 1tb in size each). i powered on NAS expecting to possibly see a WLoD (White Light of Death) which is what happens when neither drive has the boot files/partition. to my suprise it came back up.

again i went to drive management and proceeded to change from protection none to protection mirror (RAID 1) – again, i have to confirm all data will be erased.

create raid

once that is clicked RAID will build. youll end up with an empty RAID 1 (mirror) NAS. after this was done, i went and created a ‘fake’ ISCI drive, named it the same name as the previous one, fired up WinSCP and went back to /mnt/pools/A/A0/iSCSI found the new ISCSI there. then i re-stopped the ISCSI service, renamed the file (in case what im trying to do doesnt work) and proceeded to upload my old ISCI file back to the same place as the new file

iscsi move back

after this is done, i now have a fake ISCSI file and the real ISCSI file i need. went back and turned on iSCSI service on NAS and proceeded to try and configure my ISCI initiator on my Windows computer to point to NAS.

low and behold, the old file is accepted and im prompted with a BitLocker encryption challenge (my ISCSI was BitLocker encrypted). i authenticated and now can see the file system again.

it took about 3 days since copying the ISCSI files up and down takes a really long time but i have the NAS on RAID 1 with 2 new drives and the ISCSI files still intact.

now i have a big ISCSI container which is 500gb in size. since i dont have this much space, the approach to take is create the fake iSCSI target file, stop the ISCI service in nas, delete the file, upload the intended one, turn on ISCI service and continue as if nothing happened.

i hope that helps who ever stumbles into this. important to note that after the RAID is broken it seems to place the boot files in both drives which allowed me to remove the 2nd drive and end up with all new drives, unless the latest FW somehow puts the boot sector/files NAS RAM and not drives. either way its good to know that you can do a two drive swap and still use the NAS.


Downgrading iOmega ix2-200 drives challenges

Posted in Uncategorized by alfredomarchena on January 3, 2015

well folks, its been 3 years since my ‘upgrading iOmega ix2-200 drives’ post and then this happened.BadDrive

so after 3 years of the NAS being turned on 100% of the time, one of the drives decided to quit on me. so im at a point where im still trying to recover from a successful Christmas and didnt want to spend money on this.

Given the circumstances and of course me trying to be frugal, i looked at my hdd drawer and found two 1tb drives.

2015-01-03 08.16.00

at first i thought why downgrade, but after looking at the space i’m actually using after 3 years (575gb) i decided to go with spending 0 money and downgrade to two equal 1tb drives

2015-01-03 08.16.00

so here is what im going to try and do…

  1. turn off nas
  2. remove bad drive and replace with 1tb drive
  3. power on nas
  4. wait what will probably seem like eternity to rebuild
  5. profit

powered on device, sad drive, went to rebuild, authorized the drive to be used and wiped (forgot i had data written to it)


immediately it complained that the drive is too small to use


so i guess i need a drive of the same size.

wait a minute i thought, all the space i have is in 3 separate iSCSI luns. so what if i

  1. ssh into the device using its diagnostics page http://xx.xx.xx.xx/diagnostics.html to get port number etc,
  2. copy the iSCSi stores to my local computer
  3. break the raid
  4. initialize the drives separately
  5. after step $4 is done, power off NAS
  6. remove 2tb drive
  7. power on to see if it boots with just new drive
  8. if step 7 is successful, power off NAS again
  9. add secondary 1tb drive
  10. power on device
  11. create a raid mirror
  12. ssh into machine again
  13. copy 3 iscsi files back (change permissionsif needed)
  14. restart nas
  15. see if iscsi volumes are again shown


i am currently trying this approach and will post what happens after my iscsi stores copy which may be a while